Presenting, Indie Gala 7
by jounceman (212)
July 31st 2012

There’s a magical, formal wear event, that has a virtual collection of delight for everyone. For serious.

Happy Friday gamers! Announced today, is Indie Gala 7! Following the Humble Music Bundle, is another stellar compilation of content, featuring a total of 9 games, 2 of which, that are secret bonuses. Furthermore, in typical IG fashion, purchasers will have the opportunity to support two superb charities. You had me at indie.
If you’re a Steam user then prepare to blow up your game library with the following titles:

- Rig’n’Roll: Truck Simulator
- Space Rangers: Action, RPG
- Reign: Conflict of Nations: Historical RTS
- ? (Mystery game 1): Unlocks in 2nd week.
- Death to Spies: Action, stealth
- Death to Spies: Moment of Truth: Action, stealth
- Kings Bounty: Armored Princess: RPG
- UFO: Afterlight: RPG, action
-  ? (Mystery game 2): Unlocks in 2nd week.
The former 4 titles can be obtained with any price of your choosing. The latter 5 games are available if you pay above the average, which, as of this writing, sit at $6.47.
As mentioned, two noble organizations will also benefit from consumers. Able Gamers and the Italian Red Cross, who is currently giving aid to the Emilia Earthquake victims. Monies can be divided any which way among developers, Indie Gala or the charity organizations.

Indie Gala 7 is live and remain so for the next 16 days. So far, 4502 bundles have been sold for nearly $25K. Winning. Support artists, support noble causes and obtain some solid content. Don’t think about it, be about it.

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