Introducing, The Humble Music Bundle
by jounceman (212)
July 27th 2012

The humblest gaming bunch in the industry returns to deliver a special blend of goodies worthy of our dollars.

Announced today - in a unique turn of events - is the Humble Music Bundle. You heard correct, the super sounds of gaming musicians take center stage in this splendid offering from HB. As before, purchasers pay what they want, in exchange for content and charity support. What better win is there?

Six albums make up for the HMB, including artists such as OK Go, Christopher Tin, MC Frontalot (nerdcore hip hop), Hitoshi Sakimoto, They Might Be Giants, and Jonathan Coulton. Some names may not ring a bell to everyone, but perhaps these titles will raise an eyebrow: Valkyria Chronicles, Adventure Quest Worlds and Civilization.
The familiar charities, Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation, are the acting recipients for the HMB. Consumers can select how their monies are divided, whether it all be given to the musicians, charities, Humble Bundle or an even split between the three.
The Humble Music Bundle is live and will remain so for the next two weeks. As of this writing, 8K bundles have been sold for over $63K. Do the right thing and support artists and noble causes; get some rocking tunes to boot. Don’t think about it, be about it.


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