Indie Royale heats up July with The Summer Bundle
by jounceman (212)
July 4th 2012

An octo-plex of games for the taking, DRM-free, with a price tag of your choosing.

Hold onto your butts, because announced this week, is Indie Royale’s Summer Bundle. That’s right, San Francisco’s summer may not officially hit until September, but that doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up with 8 - count them, 8 - stellar titles, all for under $10 dollars.

PC, Mac, Linux, and desura (your guess is as good as mine) users are all welcome to grab hold of IR’s blockbuster bundle. Check out the list of titles below:

1. Harvest: Massive Encounter - A critically acclaimed, action packed RTS, with an emphasis on resource management, and exploration.
2. The Journey Down: Chapter 1 - A point-and-click adventure puzzler.
3. Serious Sam 2 - The hit follow up to the first iconic FPS. Fast paced action, and non-stop baddies are just a trigger pull away.
4. Gundemonium Recollection -  Classic 2D side scrolling ballistics, make up for this balls-to-the-walls game trilogy.
5. Gundeadligne - The second game in the Gundemonium trilogy. Includes “Flip Turn” ability to flank opposition.
6. Hitogata Happa - The third entry into the Gundemonium universe. This prequel exhibits the action vertically, from top to bottom.
7. Acceleration of Suguri X Edition - Rock’em, sock’em robots with a heavy dose of anime-roids.
8. Dino Run SE - Race against death, as you try to outrun the inevitable doom of extinction in this 8-bit inspired side scrolling racer.

If these games weren’t enough, purchasers of TSB will each receive a beta bonus key of AirMech, via Steam. Additionally, if you pay $8 or more, you’ll also get a music bonus in, Pixeljams Vol. 1. In a word: Spoiled.

Furthermore, Indie Royale has recently launched it’s bundle collection page for bundle purchasers, past and present. “This is a page where Indie Royale purchasers can earn loyalty rewards, manage keys for already-purchased bundles and add already-completed bundles to their Wishlist for possible bundle reappearances,” said Indie Royale in a press release.

Only 6 days, and 12 hours left for you to become the owner of a spectacular indie game collection. The more people buy, the greater the price tag becomes. Pay more than the minimum, and the asking price comes down. Just buy early is what I recommend. Don’t think about it, be about it.

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