Review: Dark Scavenger
by ionmark (1103)
April 30th 2012


Dark Scavenger's incredible attention to detail will have you immersed in its deep and heavily cultured world in no time.  RPG fans should not miss the amazing game.  Definitely not for the faint of heart.
This game is now on sale here for about 10 bucks and I am hear to tell you it is worth every penny.  My recommendation comes with a heavy disclaimer.  I personally am a huge sucker for a good story and Dark Scavenger delivers something I find lacking in most Triple-A titles.  The whole time I was playing I couldn't shake the comparisons between this game and Mass Effect 3.  Yes, the story, the world and the characters are that well thought out.  Not only that but these guys did it without the aid of full motion 3D graphics or a single line of voice acted dialog.
Aside from the dialog the structure of the game manages to stay fresh even with a very simple mechanic.  You traverse through different areas from a top down view and interact with different objects by clicking on them.  What happens next will be anyones guess.  You could be attacked by a group of hidden insects or given a clue to find a powerful new weapon.  Many enemies you encounter can be reasoned with and by choosing the right dialog choices sometimes you can avoid combat altogether.
When you do have to throw down it is kept fresh because you are constantly finding new weapons, items or allies to help you take on your foes.  This keeps combat interesting because each thing you collect has it's own unique use.
That is not to say DS is not without its flaws.  Sometimes the battle dialog can get a bit repetitive.  Repeating the same long stream of description text over and over again.  Also, by the end of the game you are guaranteed to be spending a lot of time sifting through a bunch of worthless weapons, items and allies looking for that one thing that is exactly what you need in this specific situation.
Getting into the story definitely takes a bit of effort and attention to detail should not be taken lightly.  Often the game will quiz you on things you've learned and while the consequences don't always end in your demise sometimes they might as well have.  Put another way this game will test your ability to retain information.  The rewards are great and the consequences can be steep.  Although I do have a suspicion this has more to do with my play style.  It may be that if you are more into a combat heavy experience you will not be effected at all.
Ultimately the pros outweigh the cons on this masterpiece of a modern point-and-click adventure.  What are you waiting for? Get it now!
Dark Scavengers was developed by Psydra Games and is available for purchase at:

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