Review: Journey
by Professionalists (21)
March 18th 2012

If you have a PS3 or know someone who does, you need to play this game. It will be an evocative experience that you take with you for a long time. If you DO NOT have access to a PS3 to play Thatgamecompany's newest game: Journey, then you can still watch the following videos:

Our three part series plays through the whole game of Journey focusing on:

  • The different aspects of art represented in Journey 
  • The anonymous, cooperative gameplay
  • The scope, length, and size of the game
  • Most importantly, The Soundtrack!





Special thanks to Skotein of Pokemon Reorchestrated for helping us with this review and critique. I heartily recommend this game to anyone and everyone, as I firmly believe that this level of thematic and artistic scope is our most recent peak of where indie games have taken us and really revolutionizes the gaming scene as we know it, but I may just still be star-crossed by the loveliness of this game. That happy feeling is hard to shake after playing Journey; I seem to have misplaced my jaded cynicism somewhere around the pile of triple A titles that I am ignoring.

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