Game Review Hero

Turning game reviewing into a game


Game Review Hero is a website that turns the process of reviewing independent games into a game.


We hope to do two things:

1. Encourage a new generation of great video game critics

2. Make it easier for gamers to find the best indie titles.


We are independent game developers and avid gamers.



We know there are zillions of games out there and you don't have time to play all of them. We are working tirelessly to dig up the rare gems for you. You can read our free reviews and peruse the extensive list of indie titles that we provide. You’ll have no trouble deciding on the next game you play.


Your game is your pride and joy, and when your creation is complete you can post it for review. No other site makes it this easy to get your game reviewed and out there for people to see. We keep this process hassle-free by sticking a few rules:

  1. Your game must not contain copyrighted material. This is super important, and will be enforced, since no one likes a lawsuit.

  2. You must fill out ALL the fields in the Game Suggestion section.

  3. You (or the developers) must be an independent game studio. This means another company doesn’t own you, you don't have shareholders, and you would rather let your game get released for free than have it never get played.


They say that everyone’s a critic—and we don’t see any problem with that! Here’s our approach:

You want to review a game, and at first, you start off with a reviewer score of zero. This means you can only review content that has not been previously reviewed. In order to review a game you need to call "dibs" on it before anyone else does. You’ll have to choose wisely because you can only reserve one game at a time. Once you've laid claim to a game it will not be available for anyone else to review for one week. During that time you should review the heck out of that game and submit a write up by the week’s end. If you don't submit a draft of your review within a week, the game goes back to being up for "dibs” and can be claimed by any other reviewer.

After you submit a review, one of our editors will look it over for approval. If your review is not approved, it will be given 3 days for editing and resubmission before the game goes back up for “dibs.” Reviews that are completely incoherent or riddled with profanity will likely be rejected. We aren’t forbidding you to curse, but we think it should be used to really drive a point home. Otherwise, it will just lose its gravitas, damn it!

Now, you’ve been approved and your review is posted on our main page for all to see! Applause! At this point people can rate your review. On a nightly basis your reviewer score will go up, depending on your ratings. You’ll get rewards as your reviewer score increases.

Here is a brief summary of how reviewer score will work:

  • NPC (< 0 pts): You have been very bad and are not allowed to review or rate anything. Your reviewer score will increase plus 1 every day until it reaches 0 again.

  • Player (0 - 9pts): You are new to the site. You can submit games for review or call "dibs" on games one at a time and review them.

  • Game Review Apprentice (10 - 24pts): You have reviewed some games and people have liked your work. You will be able to comment on reviews and articles. You have tasted victory!

  • Game Review Adept (25 - 99): You can now review featured games if they are available.

  • Game Review Expert (100 - 199): You have our attention. You can now call “dibs” on up to two games!

  • Guest Columnist (200 - 499) Wow, you are really good at this. We will ask you to submit your first guest column of 1000 words or more. This can be about anything gaming-related—we really don’t want to limit you. Want to talk about how much your cat likes watching you play Skyrim? Go for it! But with more choice, the stakes are a little higher: If you receive negative ratings for your columns you will lose points and you may drop back down to Expert. With positive ratings, we may start talking to you about monetary compensation.

  • Columnist (500 - 999): Holy sh- I mean great job! You have written some amazing content and everyone loves your stuff. We upgrade you to full columnist. Each week you get to write about any game-related topic. You even get your very own section of the website. It's like an office, but totally not.

  • Editor (1000 and up): I don't know what to say. There is no reason we should not be paying you right now. As long as we can afford it we will do so. Also you get to be an Editor so congrats! You are a Game Review Hero!

Best-case scenario we will bring some real gems into the spotlight and let them shine for everyone to see. We want to create a community which encourages developers to strive for greatness without having to choose between toiling away in obscurity forever or paying advertisers to get their games out there. It is also an opportunity to inspire real and meaningful feedback rather than "This game sucks" or "This game is awesome because I like it." We are also hoping to discover some power reviewers who can start changing how we talk about games as a whole, which will ultimately enrich our play experiences (and expand our vocabulary). Thumbs up for community and collaboration!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at contact (at) gamereviewhero (dot) com.
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