Image Name Developer Genre Platform(s) Release Date  
November 30th -0001 Read Review
2D shooter, top down
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
January 1st 2012 Call Dibs!!!
3-D point-and-click
PC and Mac
February 15th 2011 Read Review
PC / Mac
August 11th 2011 Call Dibs!!!
Action / Strategy / Indie / Casual
September 19th 2011 Call Dibs!!!
action adventure
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
September 28th 2011 Read Review
action adventure
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
December 7th 2007 Read Review
action adventure
Microsoft Windows, WiiWare, DSiWare, Mac OS X, 3D
December 20th 2004 Read Review
action adventure
Steam, GamersGate
May 8th 2011 Call Dibs!!!
action role-playing game
Windows, Xbox Live, Google Chrome
July 20th 2011 Read Review
Action RPG
iOS, Android
February 7th 2011 Call Dibs!!!
action rpg, rougelike
Mac, Windows, Linux
November 4th 2011 Read Review
action strategy side scoller
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
May 10th 2004 Call Dibs!!!
Action, Casual
April 15th 2010 Read Review
action, real-time strategy, shoot \'em up, manic s
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
June 8th 2011 Read Review
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