Teh Hype Machine
by ionmark (1097)
June 19th 2012


Introducing a new segment on GRH.  This space will be for me to talk about games still in development.  Too often a developer will work tirelessly on a game only to realize when he or she is done that there aren't any places to show it off.  We think the key to this is getting the word out there sooner.  Most mainstream games are talked about years before they come out so by the time they do everyone knows about them.  Why should it be any different for Indie games?  If you have a project you would like to get some hype please shoot us an email (which is at the bottom of this page).  No matter how far along in the project we want to hear about it.  

As a disclaimer many of these projects will be incredibly Indie.  Meaning they might just be in development by one dude.  They may not get finished and what we show may look a bit… uh… rough.  Let's kick off this first segment with a game that was built by yours truly.

This game has a special place in my heart because I made it as a tribute to my cat who passed away in April of 2011.  The main reason for me claiming it isn't done is that it needs quite a bit of work in the visual department.  Also the audio department… and it could probably use some more interesting game play.

The game is called YS and you play as a test subject for a new type of brain computer interface project.  Not much is explained, instead a computer instructor who identifies himself as Broadus simply instructs you in how to play.  Yeah yeah, I know that is pretty much the exact premiss to Portal, but otherwise the game is absolutely nothing like Portal.  Because, you know, Portal was really good.

I actually put quite a lot of thought into the design of this game.  Each level represents a phobia.  Early levels are more primal fears (think bump in the night scary) and as you progress they become more abstract fears (think social anxieties).

There is also a hint that what your doing is directly effecting someone else.

Gameplay wise it is very simple.  You control a 2D avatar and navigate him through the maze using the arrow keys to move and the WASD keys for the direction you shoot.  All the levels are generated procedurally and enemies are distributed at random.  Each enemy you kill will add to your combo meter on the bottom right.  The combo meter empties if you take damage.  When the combo meter is filled you get a minor boost in your rate of fire.  You might not notice at first, but by the end of the game you surely will.

You also get stars for each level you beat without taking damage.

The game is for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.  I had to come up with a funky control scheme for Android which makes the game much harder, but still beatable (I have beaten it twice).  Instead of arrow keys you tilt your Android and instead of WASD you touch the direction relative to your avatar to shoot.

Windows, Mac and Linux Version ( download )

Android Version ( market )

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