Review: Manor of the Damned
by ionmark (1048)
April 13th 2012

<�div>Manor of the Damned has great writing, quality graphics and fun mechanics.� If you like RPGs like Zelda or more recent rougelike games you will enjoy Manor of the Damned.<�/div><�div><�br><�/div><�div>The story of Rijn was what originally drew me in to this title.� It sounded like something out of a Blade movie.� Vampires and other creatures of the night are attempting create a new kind of "super ghoul" by combining the characteristics of other monsters.� See also Underworld.� This time the combo that works is the vampyre and specter.� There is a bit of soft science in there where they explain how the specpyres (see what they did there?) can astrally project themselves and thus leave there physical bodies safe from real danger.� The experiment leads to equal parts success and failure as the five resulting specpyres all go completely insane and lock themselves up inside a giant monster filled mansion.� This particular bread of soft science mixed with horror has always tickled my fancy.� Its the same part of me the loves the idea of Sharktopus or Bear-o-dactyls.<�/div><�div><�br><�/div><�div>The hero of the game is a nameless vampyre who has lost his memory, but is employed by a town plagued by monsters that seem to originate from a nearby creepy mansion.� Right then, let's kill some undead things shall we?<�/div><�div><�br><�/div><�div>The game feels very Zelda-esk to me.� You have two weapon slots which can be changed to any weapons you have in your inventory.� You start out with nothing, but quickly find a sword, then a crossbow and so on.� Some things you get will be needed to solve puzzles, others are just better for killing things.� Oh yes, there are puzzles.� My one gripe about the game was the lack of structure when needing to solve a puzzle.� Several times I solved puzzles without totally understanding what I had just done.� This becomes especially tedious when you need to backtrack since the enemies always respawn when you leave a room.<�/div><�div><�br><�/div><�div>Overall thought this game took me back to a simpler time when it was fun to just run around killing fish monsters and vampires.� You should give it a try if that is your thing.<�/div>

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