Overgrowth to have dual-wielding
by jounceman (212)
May 1st 2012

One of the hottest indie games in development adds another layer of depth to its extensive fighting mechanic. When is beta!?

San Francisco based developer, Wolfire Games, is still hard at work creating one of the more ambitious adventure titles set to release, well, whenever it’s finished. Announced this week in their alpha update video, Overgrowth is set to feature dual-wielding.

Naturally, a left hand parameter was implemented so DW could work. Yes, this also means a hand preference parameter was created; now there can be left or right handed characters. Furthermore, “using dual wielding and scabbards, you can now carry up to six weapons,“ said game director David Rosen. I believe Mr. Burns puts it best: Excellent.

The exciting thing is OG’s combat system is already dynamic, and this simply extends the strategy, and available tactics when engaging enemies. For example, you can be in a ready position with one weapon in hand, while drawing or sheathing another. Or you can weapon swap between strikes, which expands your combo sequence. Throw in parrys, high kicks, low kicks, jump kicks, jabs, uppercuts, blocks and throws, and you can see how intense the fighting will be once the system is complete.

Unfortunately there is no official release date for Overgrowth, but you can pre-order here, which gives you instant access to play each alpha build as they’re released. You’re also encouraged to chime in your thoughts, concerns, and or opinions for constructive feedback; your participation in the community means something.

Yes, like any good game, the waiting sucks, but this wait will be well worth it.

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