Natural Selection 2 unveils the Exo Suit
by jounceman (212)
August 28th 2012

I’m afraid the Frontiersman will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

Announced today, is the last major gameplay element to Natural Selection 2: The Exo Suit. This hulk of an armament is the one thing that would make the Onos cream in its pants. Armed with twin miniguns or (as depicted in the trailer) one minigun and a mechanized arm (for melee), the ES has a single objective, search and destroy.

Now available via patch, the Exo Suit gives many players a reason to get back into the beta fray that is NS2. Additionally, this “patch includes a brand new map: Veil. This is a ground-up remake of the beloved NS1 map and is massive, beautiful and complex,” Unknownworlds said in an email announcement. A welcomed stage that is sure to open up the arena of engagement that is normally exhibited through CQC.

Coupled with the patch, is of course the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, including an update to the physics, which “has been completely overhauled.” Furthermore, a new hint system has been implemented for beginner players, while a clarion HUD option is available for seasoned players.

Originally slated for a summer release, Natural Selection 2 now looks to September 4th for its official launch on Steam. Pre-ordering for 34.99 earns beta access, which is steadily running as we speak. Be sure to check out the trailer and see the Exo Suit in glorious ballistic mayhem. Commence gaming.


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