Natural Selection 2: Exosuit to feature dual-wield
by jounceman (200)
March 26th 2012

Unknownworlds announces the return of the Heavy Machine Gun, times 2.

Natural Selection 2 decided to silence the inquiries by revealing that HMGs will indeed come with the marine’s answer to the Onos: The Exosuit. Also revealed was a new upgrade for the HMG that would allow players to, well, read for yourself:

Btw because people keep asking: the Exosuit will have the "HMG"...and will upgrade to dual-wield them,San Francisco based indie developer, Unknownworlds said today, via twitter.

The Exosuit is the TSF’s (Trans-System Federation) heavy hitter. This suit packs heavy armor, so what you lack in speed is made up in defense. The HMG was a give-in, but the addition of dual wielding comes as a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, there are yet to be announced gadgets and attributes for the ES. What else will the suit be able to do?

Considering the currently overpowered Onos is wreaking havoc all over the place, the much anticipated Exosuit -HMG and all- will be very welcomed; and is the last major gameplay element to be released for NS2.

Natural Selection 2 releases this summer, and is presently in beta. To get in on the action before it’s official launch simply pre-order here. Game on.

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