Indie Royale presents, the June Bug Bundle
by jounceman (212)
June 15th 2012

The Bundles just keep coming, and rightfully so! Prepare yourselves for another game compilation.

Indie Royale is proud to announce, the June Bug Bundle. That’s right, a group of titles have forged a union to meet the needs of good hearted, gaming folk, across the globe. There’s only one condition: You must decide the price of ownership.

This quad-plex of titles will surely tickle your gaming bone. First up, Pixel Junk Eden, the PSN hit that created its own genre - Silk Wire Action- has finally made its way to PC - featuring new content. Next comes, Escape Goat, a platforming puzzler ranked in the top 20 by XBLIG. Third is, Noitu Love 2: Devolution, an action-adventure point and click with a Mega Man esque look. Finally comes, the second best browser title to date, Auditorium, where players are placed in the unique position of turning light into sound.

It wouldn’t be a IR bundle without bonus content. JBB is offering a music bonus from the chiptune band, 8-Bit Weapon. Their album, Bits and Bytes, is available on the condition that purchasers pay a minimum of $7 or more.

June Bug Bundle is live and will remain open for the next 5 days and 19 hours (as of this writing). These titles are not to be missed, so stop-drop and get your bundle on. Support indie games today!

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