Indie Royale announces The Graduation Bundle
by jounceman (212)
May 30th 2012

More game bundles, cause we can always use more games, right! Do you have more titles than you can play? Ah, who cares, let’s play them all!

Indie Royale is wasting no time with it’s newest video game compilation; introducing: The Graduation Bundle. This offering - which went live today - includes 5 titles, 1 bonus game, and a chiptune album. The greatest part? You pay what you want!

Leading the pack of desired software is The Void, a survival adventure game, followed by Dead Pixels, an 8-bit zombie sim; The Ship (comes with additional keys for friends), a multiplayer hunt & prey title, 1000 Amps, a platforming puzzler, and Laser Cat, and adventure platformer. Oh yea, the bonus title! Enter: AirMech, the action-strategy RTS. Yes, please.

The latter title comes packed into every bundle. The self-titled, chiptune rock album, Cheap Dinosaurs, is available if you pay a minimum of $7.

Typically you’ll see these bundles coupled with a charity organization, but not this time. TGB’s sole recipient is us, the gamers. The only catch - if you want to call it that - as more people buy, the price tag rises; pay more than the average and the cost goes down - odd I know, but what are you going do? I know, buy a bundle!

Six days and some change remain for The Graduation Bundle, so get up off your tail and get in on a stellar collection of games and music, ripe for the taking. Don’t think about it, be about it.



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