Indie Royale announces All-Charity Lightning Pack
by jounceman (212)
May 16th 2012

The latest and greatest among video game bundles creates a special offer to benefit charities.

Announced today, by Indie Royale, is the All-Charity Lightning Pack bundle. Included in the pack are 4 impressive titles: Hemisphere Game’s Osmos, Copenhagen Game Collective’s B.U.T.T.O.N, Wadjet Eye Game’s The Shivah, and Erik Svendang’s Blueberry Garden. Additionally, with a minimum $7 purchase, you’ll get three stellar chiptune albums. The kicker, all donations are exclusive to reputable charities.

All charities were hand picked by each developers for their featured game. Your contribution will go a long way. The list as follows:

- Amnesty International: Human rights organization.
- Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): Protector of free speech among digital rights.
- Actionaid: An international organization who assist those in poverty and injustice.
- UNICEF’s Haiti Aid: Global humanitarian relief organization.

Players are in for a treat with Indie Royale’s 4 horsemen: Osmos is a biological puzzler, B.U.T.T.O.N puts a fresh spin on party games, The Shivah is an interactive mystery drama, and Blueberry Garden is an explorative experimental game that is unlike anything you’ve seen or played today.

Indie Royale bundles work slightly different from other game compilations. As people make more purchases the base price rises, however, if you pay above the new value, it will lower the base cost. My thoughts: Buy early and pay big.

As of this writing, 86 hours remain for the ACLP bundle so get your game charity on and purchase yours today.

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