Indie Gala 5 announced
by jounceman (212)
May 28th 2012

A new bundle has arrived with the same rules as before. Would you like a baker’s dozen with that?

Announced over the weekend, was the Indie Gala 5. Like other bundles, you pay what you want for a group of titles, 12 total - 11 of which are making their first bundle debut. Additionally, purchasers who pay above the average price of $4.99 will not only get every game offered, but will also receive indie music albums and “extra goodies” that will unlock next week. You had me at hello.

As always, proceeds will benefit several recipients. Your donations can go to the Italian Red Cross, whose current efforts are serving the victims from the earthquake that hit Emilia Romagna, and AbleGamers, a foundation that provides accessibility so that people with disabilities can gain a greater quality of life, and develop a rich social life that gaming can bring,” Indie Gala said in a press statement.

For those who are wondering what titles await their dexteritous needs, look below:

- Making History: The Calm & the Storm - by Muzzy Lane ( Steam key )
- Beat Hazard - by Cold Beam Games ( DRM FREE )
- Razor2: Hidden Skies - by Invent4 Entertainment ( Steam key )
- Ironclads Collection - by Totem Games ( Steam key )
- Space Empires IV Deluxe - by Malfador Machinations ( Steam key )
- Battle Mages - by Buka Entertainement ( DRM FREE )
- WRC 2010 - by Milestone ( DRM FREE )
- Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge - by Invent4 Entertainment ( Steam key )
- Ninja Blade - by FromSoftware ( DRM FREE )
- SBK X - by Milestone ( DRM FREE )
- Puzzle Kingdoms - by Infinite Interactive. ( Steam key )
- Disciples II: Rise of the Elves - by Strategy First ( Steam key )

Needless to say, quite the mix of interactive entertainment. The good news is Indie Gala 5 is live and will be available to purchase for the next 12 days. So what are you waiting for; pick a price, make a purchase, and get your gaming on! Don’t think about it, be about it.


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