Dungeon Defenders adds new class: The Summoner
by jounceman (212)
May 25th 2012

Trendy Entertainment adds another wild cat that is sure to mix things up in an already chaotic, castle defense mad-house.

Announced this week is a brand new class for Dungeon Defenders, enter: The Summoner. As the name suggests, The Summoner can do just that, summon. Rather than rely on defense towers, this crafty character can bestow a mini army on incoming enemy waves. Yes, that means unit management.

Once you’ve deployed your personal minions onto the battlefield, you can then view and manage your troops in a classic RTS, top-down perspective. In this mode, you can issue orders/commands, all in real time.

Additionally, The Summoner can use several abilities; one, named, “Flash Heal,” instantly heals all units within the casting range. Another skill, dubbed, “Phase Shift” allows you to become invisible and traverse the battlegrounds. And if that weren’t enough, The Summoner, unlike his brethren classmates, can equip two pets simultaneously. Oh yea, did I mention he can also levitate?

The Summoner hero class is available now, on Steam for $3.99. Don’t own the RPG/strategy title? DD is currently on special discount (until June 2nd) for $7.49. Stop taking crazy pills and discover why Dungeon Defenders topped my list for best indie game of 2011. Don't think about it, be about it.



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